Book a ride to Copenhagen airport

Book your transfer to the airport with Viggo and ride safely in a zero-emission car at a fixed price.
Whether you’re going from Copenhagen Central Station, from Kastrup or anywhere else in the Copenhagen region to the airport, a Viggo is ready to get you there.
All you need to do is download the Viggo app, create an account and book your ride - and you will be picked up in an electric car that will take you to the airport. You don’t need to worry about the taximeter counting, as you will always get a fixed price shown before you book your ride.
We drive with fixed prices from Copenhagen to the airport - see pricing table below.
Takst 1
Fra Til Pris
Christianshavn CPH Airport 150 DKK
Sydhavnen CPH Airport 175 DKK
Islands Brygge CPH Airport 175 DKK
City Center (Kbh K) CPH Airport 200 DKK
Vesterbro CPH Airport 200 DKK
Østerbro CPH Airport 225 DKK
Nørrebro CPH Airport 225 DKK
Frederiksberg CPH Airport 225 DKK
Nordhavn CPH Airport 250 DKK
Hellerup CPH Airport 300 DKK
Søborg CPH Airport 325 DKK
Charlottenlund CPH Airport 350 DKK
Gentofte CPH Airport 350 DKK
Klampenborg/Taarbæk CPH Airport 400 DKK
Lyngby CPH Airport 400 DKK
Hørsholm/Rungsted CPH Airport 600 DKK
Download Viggo and book your trip to the airport: