25. February 2020

Tech start up places a massive Tesla order

Copenhagen: Born out of the Danish Government’s great climate ambitions, and with the same sustainability focus as giant Danish companies such as Ørsted and Chr. Hansen, Viggo, the technology-driven Danish ride-hailing service places a massive Tesla order, doubling its all electric fleet in record time. The success derives from Viggo’s customer driven focus and sustainable mobility that secures the growth of the company.

Launched in October 2019, the Service App’s 2020 goal is reaching the Nordic market with its sustainable solution for urban transportation.

CEO and Co-founder Kenneth Herschel comments:

“The order of 50 Teslas is a landmark for Viggo. We founded Viggo with a clear mission to rethink the entire concept of urban transportation by combining technology with zero-emission vehicles and excellent service. It is safe to say that Tesla has been a point of inspiration for our journey as we venture out towards the rest of Scandinavia in the year to come. Striving for a more sustainable future will never be accomplished alone and collaboration is key to any transformation. Our aim is for Viggo to drive and deliver the next generation of urban mobility, and I wish to show appreciation of the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen and the City of Copenhagen for initiating a number of initiatives that enable the acceleration of a sustainable city.”

Viggo is all about excellency in driving, in customer experiences, in human resources, and in safety. Tesla is the obvious choice in fulfilling these expectations. Euro NCAP awarded Model 3 with the highest “Five Star safety rating” and named it “Best In Class” in the Large Family Car and Electric/Hybrid categories. For safety assist Model 3 earned the highest score ever - 94%, making it an excellent choice for urban transportation. Furthermore Model 3 was recently tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), that named Model 3 a “2019 IIHS TOP SAFETY PICK+ vehicle”, the highest achievement awarded by the Institute.

“I have no doubt that our customer’s 4.9 rating is a direct reflection of the smooth driving an electric vehicle provides and as well as our drivers’ constant strive for an excellent service level. From an operational perspective, the long range, connectivity and over-the-air software updates in Model 3 that improve the cars continuously, are key to being at the forefront of this industry. Also there's the fact that our drivers’ work environment is improved by the lack of noise from a traditional engine - although it may seem as an insignificant detail, our drivers are the heart of the Viggo organization, and their wellbeing and way of treating our customers is the key to our success“.

The order is placed through a financing agreement with Nordfyns Finans, a long-term strategic partner to the transportation industry.

Viggo is a Danish technology company driving the green change with climate-friendly mobility in the city. With advanced data-driven innovation, zero-emission cars and Scandinavian simplicity, Viggo will revolutionize the way we move. The goal is to challenge the standards for urban transportation. Customers feedback are critical input for service development and the experience are rated directly in the app for service and safety. Read more at www.viggo.com