Our prices in Greater Copenhagen, Zealand and Aarhus

When you’re headed somewhere with a Viggo ride, you’ll always get the cheapest price through our app.

The price is calculated at the time you submit your booking, and it’s based on the amount of traffic as well as the expected time the ride will take.

You can always see the price in the app right before booking your Viggo.

Here’s how our prices are calculated:

Takst 1

Rate 1

Weekdays from
6am to 8pm

Standard Price
Start 38.00 DKK
Pr. km 8.00 DKK
Minute 6.60 DKK
Bike 20.00 DKK
Takst 2

Rate 2

Weekdays from
8pm to 6am

as well as weekends
and holidays

Standard Price
Start 48.00 DKK
Pr. km 12.50 DKK
Minute 5.50 DKK
Bike 20.00 DKK

We also ride with fixed prices to the airport around the clock from selected areas. If you are going to the airport, have a look at our prices from Copenhagen and its surroundings here:


With ViggoHourly, you can book an electric car for a fixed period of time at a fixed hourly rate.

You can use ViggoHourly for:

  • Going sightseeing in Copenhagen
  • If you're organizing a wedding and you'd like to drive around with your photographer to different locations
  • Getting around to several meetings in a short period of time


The price for ViggoHourly is DKK 490/hour.

The minimum you can book in weekdays is one hour - during the evening and on weekends, however, you must book at least two hours.


You can drive a maximum of 20 km per hour.

How to order

Open the app and click "contact" - then write us a message including the following information:

  • Date and time you will need your ViggoHourly
  • What you need your ViggoHourly for
  • Whether you have any specific requirements in relation to for instance extra luggage, a child seat or requests for a specific type of car.

We look forward to riding with you!